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We are proud to present our frost protection solution for orchards - PlomykOS34

Machine details

Principle of operation

Mobile orchard heater PlomykOS34 is machine which help you to protect your orchard during frost in flowering season, up to -10 Celsius degrees.
Machine equipped with high quality Propane gas cylinders should be ready to go at 0 Celsius degrees. The highest efficiencty we can reach if we will return to start point in maximum 10-15 minutes (depends of outside temperature). We should take care to do not exceed 96 Celsius degrees on machine outlet, because we can expose trees to damage.
LCD operator panel which is mounted in tractor cabin will help you to monitor machine parameters (two temperature sensors, fan rpms etc.).

It is recomended to use a tractor with minimym 60PS.
There is possibility to use tractors with lower engine power, but machine will have lower efficiency.

Machine parameters

  • outlet temperature up to 105 Cesius degrees
  • high efficiency main fan can deliver up to 75 meters of protection
  • lowered center of gravity
  • readu to use 33kg cylinder and 11kg cylinders
  • main frame construction with very small turning radius
  • valve set allows to use gas cylinders with any configuration
  • user friendly LCD operator panel
  • high quality valves and gas regulator
  • realtime information about protection range
  • information about outlet temperature and cylinders temperature
  • low noise level
  • quick and safe gas cylinders moutings
  • AGCS - Automatic Gas Cut-off System
  • Export version

    11.000 - 12.000 EUR + 23% VAT
    (depending on EUR/PLN exchange rate)

    • Siemens Controller
    • LCD operator panel
    • 2 temperature sensors
    • fire extinguisher
    • gas regulator with high efficiency
    • current range protection information
    • automatic gas cut-off if any error occured
    • alarms
    • gas cylinder heating system


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